Thursday, November 22, 2007

Romney Open to Incarcerating Abortionists
( - The presidential campaign of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told Cybercast News Service on Wednesday that Romney does not favor punishing women who have abortions but does favor punishing abortionists, perhaps even with incarceration. Full Story

Thompson, Romney Praise Stem Cell Research, Others Mum
( - Two Republican presidential contenders have praised reports from two teams of scientists announcing their ability to create pluripotent stem cells from adult skin cells that appear to be as beneficial as more controversial embryonic stem cells. Full Story

Stem Cell Studies 'End Debate' on Embryos, Conservatives Say
( - Two groups of scientists are reporting success in creating advanced stem cells from adult human skin in papers that pro-life leaders are hailing as evidence that controversial cloning-based embryonic stem cell research is unnecessary. Full Story

Ethical Breakthrough Seen As Scientists Report Stem Cells Without Embryos
( - The White House Tuesday welcomed news of a breakthrough in stem cell research that some ethicists believe could spell the death knell for the controversial science of cloning human embryos for their cells. Full Story

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cloning Pioneer Changes Direction, May Impact Embryonic Research Debate
( - A decision by cloning pioneer Ian Wilmut to abandon human embryo experimentation in favor of research that does not involve the creation and destruction of cloned embryos may undermine the campaign for the controversial work. Full Story

Sidebar: Send in the Clones
( - While most references to cloning involve animals such as sheep or even humans, the term actually has its origin in the science of plant life. Read today's Fact-O-Rama

Abortion Causes 'Hopelessness' in Black Communities, King Says
( - A recent Pew Research poll reported high levels of 'hopelessness' in African-American communities across the United States, a characteristic pro-life activists are linking to high abortion rates among black women. Full Story

Friday, November 16, 2007

Congress Urged to Defund Planned Parenthood
( - The nation's largest pro-life group is calling on Congress to stop giving taxpayer dollars to organizations that perform abortions by passing one of two bills designed to ban the funding of abortion. Full Story

Pro-Life Amendment Shot Down as UN Committee Okays Death Penalty Moratorium
( - The U.N. General Assembly is expected to vote in favor of a moratorium on the death penalty, following two days of rancorous debate during which more than a dozen proposed amendments were defeated, including one calling for the need to protect the lives of unborn children. Full Story

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Unborn to be defined as 'persons'?
Colorado proposal would use loophole Blackmun created in 'Roe'

Pro-Life Amendment Moves Forward in Colorado
( - The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday approved the wording a proposed constitutional amendment that would define a fertilized egg as a person in Colorado. Read News on the Web

New Law Expands Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone
( - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signed a bill Tuesday establishing a 35-foot buffer zone between abortion clinic entrances and pro-life protesters -- the strictest state law of its kind in the nation, the Boston Globe reported. Read News on the Web

Pro-Life Group Backs Thompson Despite Rejection of GOP Platform
( - Citing his pro-life voting record and electability, the nation's largest pro-life organization endorsed Republican Fred Thompson for president on Tuesday. Full Story

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vox Populi: Thompson and the Pro-Life Platform Plank
( - Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson was criticized for his announcement that he doesn't support the pro-life plank of the GOP. Read Letters to the Editor
Court Sides With Pro-Life Pharmacists
( - A federal judge in Seattle has blocked Washington State's requirement that pharmacists sell "morning-after" birth control pills, even if they object on moral grounds. The ruling is considered a victory for pro-life pharmacists. Read News on the Web